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A unique opportunity.

Three distinct bands that perform original music.

Caribbean Jazz Collective

The CJC brings Caribbean flavour and rhythms to modern society and classic jazz standards. The music takes the beloved and popular Caribbean songs with a mix of a jazz twist. This approach creates for a delightful sound to audiences; whether they have a Caribbean background or are simply jazz fans. 


Growler is a Canadian quintet that blends elements of jazz, funk, rock, pop, blues, Latin rhythms, Cuban and African music to create a unique, genre-defying sound. Their music is structured but also allows for artistic freedom and improvisation, making each performance fresh and entertaining. Each member brings a unique perspective and style to the group, which contributes to the rich and diverse sound that Growler is known for. The improvisational nature of the music allows the members to showcase their individual talents while also working together to create a cohesive and captivating sound. Growler's live performances are energetic and engaging, featuring complex arrangements and powerful solos. The group's ability to connect with their audience and engage them in the music is a testament to their musicianship and stage presence. 

Habana Safari

Habana Safari is an authentic Cuban music project. Founded in 2007 by MultiJuno Award Winner Cuban Master percussionist Joaquin Nunez and formed by some of the greatest cuban musicians in the City of Toronto, the Project has earned a reputation in the Canadian Music scenery as one of the most unique Cuban music act. The concept and repertory of the band is a retrospective of Cuban music since its beginning in the eighteen hundred with the Danza, Contradanza and Danzon, genres that merge certain elements of European classic music and African Rhythms, giving way to what the World know today as Cuban music. Based in this concept, Havana Safari has develop a contemporary, fresh and unique sound of melodies and songs representative of Afro-Cuban jazz yet, rooted in the authenticity and beauty of traditional Cuban music. The band's format includes traditional Cuban and Afro-Cuban instruments such as bata drums, as well as characteristic instruments of Latin music: trumpet, piano, acoustic bass and violin. Beyond the instrumentation, the beautiful voice of the lead singer and the wealth of percussion moments throughout the show, are the elements that make the sound of the band, genuine. It should be said that the Havana Safari Show is electrifying connecting with all kinds of audiences in any setting, actively engaging them at various times of the Show, making of Havana Safari Show, an unforgettable experience.

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