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Three bands, one love for jazz.


Caribbean Jazz Collective

The CJC performs Caribbean music, mixing the flavour and rhythms into a sound that is modern but always being influenced by classic jazz, with an Island twist. Audiences are delighted by this approach and, whether the audience has a Caribbean background or are simply jazz fans, CJC loves to share their music and their passion. 

Andrew Stewart: bassist, Neil Brathwaite: This Saxophonist, Gareth Burgess: Steel Drum (Steel Pan) player, Eddie Bullen: Pianist, Joaquin Hidalgo Nunez: Drummer and Percussionist.


Growler came together as a quintet of musicians who share their love of jazz, funk, rock, blues and latin rhythms. The music is genre-defying and each performance is fresh and filled with engaging groove.  

Tony Smith:  Guitars, Joe Palawan:  Keyboards, Joaquin Hidalgo: Drums, Paul Cafarelli: Bass and Mark Daniels: Percussion.


Habana Safari

Habana Safari presents authentic Cuban music.  Founded in 2007 by multi Juno Award Winner, Cuban Master Percussionist, Joaquin Nunez, and supported by some of the greatest musical talent in Canada, Habana Safari has earned a reputation in the Canadian music scene as unique beautiful music, beautifully presented. 

Dánae Olano (Piano), Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (Drums & Percussion), Marta Elena (Singer), Dyalis Machado (Percussion & Vocal),Esteban Vargas (Violin), Alexander Brown (Trompet), Roberto Riveron (Bass)

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