Brief History of Cuban Music

Cuban music Is very complicated but it really can be categorized into five different styles. The five styles are as follows:

  • Son 
  • Punto
  • Cuban Song
  • Danzon
  • Punto

Nengon Is considered to be the inventor of Changui and Cuban son music as it is known today.

One of the eariest known styles of Cuban music known today is Son Montuno. Some say that it existed around the era of the 1500’s. The oldest reported son created was by the “Son de la Ma Teodora.” This song came from the region of Santiago de Cuba.

Later on in the years, Cuban music was influenced from the sounds of northern Europe included the waltz, minuet, avotte and the mazurka. Chinese immigrants also introduced the use of the musical instrument the cornetin chino.

During the 1762 invasion from the UK, many other instruments were brought to Cuba. Piano’s, clavicord and the flute were a few.